In this forum theological and philosophical curriculums are discussed all over the world.

At the end of the last century, our former colleague of the Institute of Missiology (MWI) Raùl Fornet-Betrancourt carried out a world wide survey among leading philosophers and theologians. The subject was about the duties that theology and philosophy have in the 21st century and which challenges they have to face. The many responses lead to a research project, which concluded in a series of intercontinental workshops. A central question was how theology has to be teached nowadays in order to be able to face the challenges due to the globalization, the international exchange and the economic and social development.

The 40th birthday of the MWI was the reason to organize a conference concerning this subject in 2011 in Bonn. The set of problems is that actual that the MWI decided to provide therefore a forum in the internet. The articles of the conference of 2011 are also published in this forum.

More documents and theses are published on the sites of the forum. Registered users are invited to comment these theses. In an intern section also results of evaluations of theologian colleges and institutes are published.

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